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    [JBossWS 2.0.1] Unmarshall POJO field with protected setter

    J Peschier Newbie

      I have a SLSB with @WebService. I find that pojos have their @Id field set to null when marshalled despite it have a value in the SLSB. In the code fragment below you can see the field has a protected setters. When this signature is changed to public it works as expected.

      Problem is that, by design, I cannot make the setter public on an identifying field. Is there a nother way to (un)marshall fields with protected setters?

      public class Foo implements Serializable {
       private Long fooId;
       protected Foo() {
       public Long getFooId() {
       return fooId;
       protected void setFooId(Long fooId) {
       this.fooId = fooId;