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    I don't succeded installing jbossws2.0.1 please help me I ne

    Giuseppe Moscardelli Newbie

      Hi all, I have been trying for 3 days to install jbossws with jboss42. Before I had jdk6 now I have the jdk5, I have downloaded the jbossws 2.0.1 native and I have followed the instruction but I have this error and I don't know how risolving.
      The errore is the following:

      C:\jbossws-src-2.0.1.GA\ant-import\build-deploy.xml:84: The following error occu
      rred while executing this line:
      C:\jbossws-src-2.0.1.GA\ant-import\macros-deploy-native.xml:385: Directory does
      not exist:C:\jbossws-src-2.0.1.GA\jboss-4.2.1.GA\lib\endorsed
      Total time: 7 seconds

      The path of jboss42 I have setted in ant.propertis is the following:
      jboss42.home= C:\jboss-4.2.1.GA

      jbossws is the directory C:\jbossws-src-2.0.1.GA

      The macros-deploy-native.xml:385 is line with *:
      <!-- Undeploy API jars from lib/endorsed -->
       <macrodef name="macro-undeploy-endorsed">
       <attribute name="jbosshome"/>
       <delete> *
       <fileset dir="@{jbosshome}/lib/endorsed">
       <include name="jaxb-api.jar"/>
       <include name="jboss-jaxrpc.jar"/>
       <include name="jboss-jaxws.jar"/>
       <include name="jboss-saaj.jar"/>

      Why does it search jboss-4.2.1.GA\lib\endorsed in the directory of jbossws and not in jboss42 directory?

      What does I wrong? How can I resolve?
      I need jbossws, please help me!
      Thanks to all.
      Bye Bye