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    How to handle namespace generation?

    ch Newbie

      Hi everyone,

      I have the following problem: In a jboss 4.0.5GA with ejb3 (installed from jems-installer-1.2.0.GA.jar) I want to publish a web service.
      Therefor I annotate a class with


      One of the method I annotate with @WebMethod uses a class Bar from package com.foo Now if I inspect the automatically generated wsdl I have a targetNamespace http://foo.com but in the types-section I have a targetNamespace http://foo.com/jaws.
      I tried to put a package-info.java in the package com.foo with
      package com.foo;

      But the result is still the same.

      Am a missing any obvious switch or do I just have a serious misunderstanding of how the wsdl should work?