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    Schema generation with jboss jaxb

    Gennady Shumakher Newbie


      I have a POJO class annotated with JAXB. It works great in the context of web service.
      But is there a jboss command line tool that I could use to generate just XSD schema out of this class (similar to schemagen.bat in jaxb reference implementation)?


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          Richard Opalka Master

          Hi Gennady,

          currently there's no such commandline tool available in JBossWS. The only way how to get the XML schema generated via our tools is to provide java web service interface and use our
          wsprovide.sh(.bat) tool with --wsdl option. It will generate the wsdl file where's the types section. There you can find the schema generated via our tools.
          To provide you the implementation detail, our wsprovide tool uses com.sun.xml.bind.api.JAXBRIContext.generateSchema() method internally.
          So you can write such tool on your own using this knowledge or join our dev discussion here:


          and report the tools you are missing in JBossWS. Your contribution is welcomed ;-)