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    generating documentation for deployed web services stateless

    Patrick Lee Newbie

      In my application, I am deploying Stateless session beans in an ear to my jboss instance. Jboss correctly generates a WSDL and publishes it and everything works.

      What I can't figure out is how to code my javadoc (Or anything else) so that when Jboss generates the WSDL to publish, it generates wsdl:documentation or xsd:documentation tags for either the WSDL components (definitions,operations, etc) or any of the schema types.

      I found that if I use the <xsd:annotation><xsd:documentation></></> structure in a schema and consume it with WSConsume, it will generate a class that includes that documentation in the javadoc of the class. What I am trying to do is the reverse (since I cannot create the WSDL manually, I require Jboss to be able to generate the documentation elements).

      Does anyone know how I can accomplish this?