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    JBoss equivalent of clientGen of WL

    Srivatsa Radhakrishna Newbie

      I am using the top-down approach by starting with the WSDL. I am trying to figure out a mechanism in JBoss 4.2.1 with jbossws-native2.0.1 which is equivalent of WL's clientgen. Objective is to generate a client-jar which can be used by the client program to consume the web service.

      Sample WL clietgen task:

      <taskdef name="clientgen" classname="weblogic.ant.taskdefs.webservices.clientgen.ClientGenTask"
       <target name="McAfee">
       <clientgen wsdl="macafeeAdapterContract.wsdl"
       <classpath refid="clientgen.class.path" />

      I know there is a crude way of using the client artifacts generated by "wsconsume", zip those class files and create a client-jar, but I want to know if there's a better way to do this.