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    debugging NoSuchMethodError...

    Catherine Pires da Silva Newbie

      To all concerned,

      such problems are solved using class loading information through JMX console:

      choose under JMImplementation to click on LoaderRepository:


      * name=Default,service=LoaderRepository

      then go to displayClassInfo and enter all class path:

      java.lang.String displayClassInfo()

      MBean Operation.

      Param ParamType ParamValue ParamDescription
      p1 java.lang.String (no description)

      that way you have the information on the location of the class.
      That way you can notice it is using a jar in another location than you think.

      example: I got the error below when using versions higher than Jboss4.0.2+Jbossw1.2.0.SP1. (as it was using a jar of an older version -jboss4.0.5- from a location I didnt' think of)

      java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: javax.xml.soap.SOAPElement.getElementQName()Ljavax/xml/namespace/QName; ...