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    jbossws-native-2.0.2.GA doesn't deploy out of the box on jbo

    Karen Lease Newbie

      I have a 4.2.1.GA with jbossws-2.0.1.GA installed.
      I ran undeploy-jboss42 in the 2.0.1.GA installation directory.
      Then I ran deploy-jboss421 in the jbossws-2.0.2.GA installation directory.
      Tried to start jboss and got lots of ClassNotFound errors.

      After hunting around a bit, I see that in macros-deploy-native.xml the macro-deploy-native421 definition contains this.

      <copy todir="${jboss421.home}/server/${jboss.server.instance}/lib" overwrite="true">
       <fileset dir="@{thirdpartylibs}">
       <include name="jbossws-jboss421.jar"/>

      But there is no jbossws-jboss421.jar jar in the 2.0.2.GA installation zip.

      I dropped in the jbossws-jboss42.jar from the 2.0.2.GA installation into server/default/lib and also client/lib. This deploys without errors and runs all the 2.0.2 test cases.
      Are there any known incompatibilities with this jar and the new jbossws version?