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    Problem in Serialization of java objects

    Zeeshan Javeed Newbie

      I got an issue with Jbossws. I am using 2.0.2 version.
      I have two interface,
      TShippingFeePriceIFV1 and TShippingFeePriceIFV1_1 both are implemented by third interface TShippingFeePriceIF.

      interface TShippingFeePriceIFV1 has two methods,
      getPrice, setPrice, getSum, setSum

      and interface TShippingFeePriceIFV1_1 has three methods,
      getPrice, setPrice, getSum, setSum and additionaly getQuantity, setQuantity.

      Now I am supporting two different versions of wsdl file. One is having version one of the shipping fee and new version is supportint the version wiht quantity.

      Now even casting the obect to TShippingFeePriceIFV1 (which has two only methods) the quantity is still serailized and passed to the end clietns...

      Any comments why it is happening. From my understanding it should not serilaze the extra values in object and pass the values only which the current object support...