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    Really slow with @WebServiceRef?

    Spencer Uresk Newbie

      I am trying to use JBossWS with Amazon Web Services. Everything is working, but it is extremely slow. The request itself takes less than a second, but the whole operations takes close to twenty seconds and it appears the slowness is in the creation of the port. I'm sure I'm doing something subtly wrong, anyone have any ideas what it is?

      I am using JBossWS 2.0.1.SP2 and JBoss AS 4.2.2GA. Here is the class that is using the service:

      public class AmazonSearch implements AmazonSearchHome {
       private AWSECommerceServicePortType port;
       List <Item> amazonSearchResults;
       public void findResults() {
       amazonSearchResults = new ArrayList<Item>();
       ItemSearchRequest request = new ItemSearchRequest();
       List <ItemSearchRequest> requests = new ArrayList<ItemSearchRequest>();
       Holder<OperationRequest> operationRequest = new Holder<OperationRequest>();
       Holder<List<Items>> items = new Holder<List<Items>>();
       port.itemSearch(null, ACCESS_KEY, null, ASSOCIATE_TAG, null, null, null, requests, operationRequest, items);
       System.out.println("processing time: " + operationRequest.value.getRequestProcessingTime());
       System.out.println("results: " + items.value.size());