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    Weird behaviour of JbossWS with DII

    i o Newbie

      i have this endpoint, which reflects a Session bean implementation

      package bps.ejb;
      import javax.jws.WebService;
      @WebService(targetNamespace = "http://bps.ejb",
       name = "BpsFrontendEndpointInterface")
      public interface BpsFrontendEndpointInterface {
       public String hello();
       public String hello2(String foo, String bar, String pippo);
       public void insertProcess(int queue, int prio, String data, int ptype,
       String callbackMode,String callback,String callbackParm, String returnAddress);
       public void reactivateProcess(int pid);
       public void holdProcess(int pid);
       public void deleteProcess(int pid);
       public String testEntity();

      where's the weird part? well, if i change both in the endpoind and in the slsb the method "hello2()" to return a String[], when i invoke it with a configured DII client (copied straight off the examples), i get a "org.jboss.ws.WSException: Cannot obtain java type mapping for: {http://jaxb.dev.java.net/array}stringArray". Ok.

      BUT it happens too even for method String hello(), which by the way worked before (eg. when hello2 was String instead of String[]) and same for insertProcess() and others.

      So actually adding a String[] method to this endpoind (and to the implementation) cause DII to fail for every other methods.

      Can someone explain me this point?