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    DateTime Format errors

    Matthew Middleton Newbie

      I am currently working with a customer with a webservice. I wrote the webservice using jbossws in java and the client the are writing is in vb.

      Here is our problem:

      They want to be notified if they send a date that is invalid. As it is right now by the time their request gets to my code if they send in an invalid DateTime that value is "null" in the java object that I receive, this is the same thing I get if they don't send in a date (it's not a required field), because of this there is no way for me to tell if they simply did not send in a date or if they sent in an invalid date. I was wondering if there was a way for the user to be notified if they send in an invalid date or is that something that we will have to catch in the client before the xml request is sent to the webservice, or is there away for the exception (assuming one occurs if an invalid date is sent in) to be passed along to my code for me to handle it. Thanks in advance for your replies.