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    WebContext annotation and contextRoot

    Francesco Benvegna Newbie

      I have a web-service (Session EJB3 as WS) within web application named 'wmi'.
      My web context root is 'wmi'.
      The original wsdl url is http://host:port/wmi-wmi/beanClassName?wsdl.

      I want wsdl url as http://host:port/wmi/services?wsdl

      The problem is that when I set @WebContext(contextRoot = "/wmi" , urlPattern="/services") on EJB3, url http::/wmi/services?wsdl return 404 (page not found).
      But set @WebContext(contextRoot = "/wmi-ws" , urlPattern="/services") works fine (http://host:port/wmi-ws/services?wsdl).