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    Some explanation on SubscriptionManager endpoint and Subscri

    Antonio Souza Newbie

      Hi, guys

      I'm recently implementing some notifications using ws-eventing with jbossws-2.0.1-SP2.

      I've got some doubts and maybe any of you guys could help me out.

      I don't understand why I need to declare a subscription manager endpoint.
      If JBoss already has a Subscription Manager MBean, and if its really necessary for my Event Source to work, JBoss should provide it out-of-the-box.

      Plus, I already found 2 minor bugs working with it. So... do you guys think it's really safe for me to put it into production ? Or should I design a different solution as this technology gets more "grown up" ?

      If any of you guys have the time to explain this little somethings to me. I'd appreciate it.

      Thanks in advance.