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    JBossWS + WSDL in RPC/ENC format

    Richard Opalka Master


      I have tried using JAXRPC...

      versions of jbossws used - jbossws-1.0.3 , jbossws-2.0.0 both...

      In the config file (wstools-config.xml) i have given style="rpc" use="encoded" but it generated wsdl in rpc/literal fomat. It is not giving any error message.

      if style="rpc" .tools gerates rpc/literal format.

      if style="document" . tool generates document/literal format.

      This shows that rpc/encoded not being supported while using jaxrpc.

      Please comment on this. Weather generating rpc/enc soap encoding format is possible while using jaxrpc as u stated below.