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    Attachments with SOAP

    Siddharth Godbole Newbie


      I am kind of new to Web Services and this is what i am using right now :
      JBOSS AS 4.0.4.GA, JBoss WS 1.2 and jdk 1.5.12. I am trying to get SOAP with attachments working. I saw one MTOP example that comes with JBOSS WS 1.2 and was trying to do the same.

      I am taking DataHandler as one of the inputs to my method, i am not providing anything in configuration file to WSTools while building the application JAR.
      so API looks like:

      public void transferFile(String msg, WrappedBean handle) { }

      Can somebody please tell me why is this not working and whether anything else needs to be done or some other alternative to get Attachments working with SOAP ?

      Thanks in advance