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    wsconsume generates annotations instead of xml file

    Francis LIMOUSY Newbie


      We develop 2 years ago an application using jbossws and jboss-ide (it was version 1.6).
      Today we have moved to Seam and it's way easier to make WS.

      The problem is to maintain the old-fashioned jaxrpc-mapping.xml and the newly generated annotated mapping.
      Concretely we want the client to keep generating mapping with an xml file, from the wsdl moving on the server side.

      But I didn't found any way with today's wsconsume to generate mapping classes and jaxrpc-mapping.xml (we were doing it graphicly with jboss-ide two years ago !)

      Here is the constraints I identified (tell me if I'm wrong):

      *) Our old applications runs using jsf 1.1 (myfaces) on jboss-4.0.5

      *) Our new applications runs using jsf 1.2 (sun-ri) on seam/jboss-4.2.1

      *) We can't run (or painfully maybe ?) both jsf-1.1/jsf-1.2 on the same jboss-4.2.1 server. So we can't upgrade our old applications to 4.2.1 ...

      *) We can't find any options on the wsconsume command line (gasp) tool to generate the jaxrpc-mapping.xml. So we can't "downgrade" the wsdl schema to our old fashionned mapping.

      I'm quite sure I missed something here, so what do you think is the best path:

      1) Upgrade our old applications to an annotated mapping, implying we can run both jsf-1.1 and jsf-1.2 applications on the same server

      2) "Downgrade" the mapping by using correctly the wsconsume command line tool (but how ?)

      Thanks for your help on this.