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    "Enter" Action in SuggestionBox

    Elmar Weber Newbie


      I'm trying to get a notification and execute an action in case a user presses Enter (Return) when typing something into a suggestion box.

      I tried adding it via "a:support "but I could not find the corresponding event.
      A work around via a call to function defined by "a:jsFunction" did not work either because there is no "on*" for this case as far as I have seen.

      Am I missing something, or does anyone have a suggestion how to execute an execute an action when the user presses enter in a suggestion box?

      Many thanks in advance for any tips.


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          a a Novice

          I am finding the same resolutions!!!
          Any sugesstion?

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            Elmar Weber Newbie


            OK, shouldn't try stuff so late =)

            Somehow I always worked on the "<rich:suggestionbox>" tag instead the "<h:inputtext>", which of course could not work.

            Here is my solution in case anyone searches for the same:

            On the inputText tag add a call to a javascript function in case of a key press, e.g.:

            <h:inputText value="#{someBean.text}" id="search"
             required="false" autocomplete="off"
             onkeypress="catchReturn(event)" />

            somewhere appropriate define a JavaScript function catchReturn

             * Catches the return key and executes an action in that case.
            function catchReturn (e) {
             var keycode;
             if (window.event) { // IE
             keycode = e.keyCode;
             } else if (e.which) { // real browsers
             keycode = e.which;
             if (keycode == 13 || keycode == "13") {

            Finally define someReturnAction() function such that it executes the Java method on return:

            <a:jsFunction name="addItem" reRender="listN" action="#{someBean.yourSubmitFunction}" focus="search" />