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    wsrunclient.sh not working in jbossas 5.0 beta4

    Peter Johnson Master

      There were some changes made to the wsrunclient.sh script between jbossas 5.0 beta3 and beta4, and the new script is incorrect. For example:

      $ ./wsrunclient.sh -classpath some/class/path my.java.Class agr1 arg2 arg3
      Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: arg3

      Apparently, the changes made in the script were tested only with the class name being the last argument passed to the script. If I replace the script with the one in beta3, then all is well again. (By the way, the wsrunclient.bat script works correctly in beta4.)

      Should I file a JIRA?

      OS: Fedora 6