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    JbossWs for Jboss 4.0.5 and JDK1.4

    jyothika s Newbie

      Hi ,

      I am using Jboss 4.0.5,and JDK 1.4 environment in my project to develop a Jboss Web Service Client. The Client code involves Jboss Ws Eventing and Ws Addressing fundas.Following Jars JBOSSWS14-Core.jar,JBOSS-JAXWS14.jar,JBOSSWS14-Client.jar,JAXAPI-jar were included in the path.
      The code gets compiled successfuly but at run time its giving an Exception java.noclassdeffound Error for "javax.xml.bind.annotation.XmlAccessType".
      The above package is newly added in JAXB-API.jar of JAXB2.0/JWSDP2.0 which uses JDK1.5. JAXB-API.jar of JAXB1.0 is compiled with JDK1.4 but it does not have the above package.But My project uses Jdk1.4 and I have downloaded all JBossws14 jars from Jbossws1.2.0Sp1.zip which uses JDK1.4.
      I wonder then how the jar refers to a package "javax.xml.bind.annotation.XmlAccessType" which is present in JAXB-API.jar compiled with Jdk1.5. Is there any way to Use JBossws with Jdk1.4??Please help with an answer.

      Thanks in Advance,