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    xsd:include or xsd:import in WSDL

    Luc DEW Newbie


      i have issues with the wsconsume tool (with JBossWS native 2.0.3)

      I need to import in my WSDL an external schema file that is included in a jar file.

      In my WSDL, i declared the types using the following statements:

      targetNamespace="urn:myspace" xmlns:tns="urn:myspace"
      <xs:include schemaLocation="schema.xsd"></xs:include>

      Is wsconsume able to load the schema file from the classpath ?

      Also the jar already contains the generated classes with jaxb compiler.

      Is it possible to use wsconsume without generating the schema files but only the webservice endpoint ?

      Thanks in advance,