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    steps / guide to consume WSDL web service

    Amol Desai Newbie

      Hello there,

      This is my first ever attempt to play with Web Services and I need your help.

      I've a WSDL web service and I need to consume it in JBoss 4.2.2 GA which comes with JBoss Portal Server 2.6.4.

      1. Do I need to generate any Java code from the WSDL? If yes, how should I generate it? any tools?
      2. Where should I keep those Java files? Do I need any jar files to compile those java?
      3. Do I need to write any XML configuration file to consume it? If yes, how? any samples?
      4. Do I need to write any client code? e.g. JSP/Java/servlet to access the web service? Any samples?

      Basically, I'm looking for a end-to-end guide to consume a WSDL web service in JBoss.

      Thanks for your help.