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    Move from 3.2.0SNAP to 3.2.0 SR1 breaks app

    Jose Rubio Newbie


      I don't know where to ask this question as I'm mixing a couple of frameworks together, but the variable is RF, so here it goes. Hope someone can help.

      I have an application that uses Seam 2.0, Richfaces, and EXTJS. EXTJS is hidden inside some simple custom JSF components that just render the appropriate EXT javascript.

      This application works fine with RF 3.2.0 snapshot. We only had an issue with the file upload not working in IE7 (browse button would not do anything. Firefox worked fine). So I decide to upgrade to 3.2.0 SR1 to see if that file upload issue was fixed in the latest release. Well, to my amazement when I load the page when using 3.2.0SR1 it bombs out. It gives me an Operation aborted error. It's complainin that some javascript variable is null:

      Error Message: 'launcher' is null or not an object

      Here's the piece of the javascript code where it throws the error. Maye this helps.

      MyDesktop.DataWindow = Ext.extend(Ext.app.Module, {
       init : function(){
       this.launcher = {
       text: 'Data',
       handler : this.createWindow,
       scope: this
       } }, createWindow :

      This launcher is part of the EXTJS code, so that's why I'm confused as to where the issue is. Somehow the new 3.2.0SR1 release is breaking something with the other javasacript code. Any ideas as to why?

      3.2.0 SR1 is working great in Firefox, but not in IE7

      Is there anything new defined in the RF 3.2.0SR1 javascript files that could break this?

      Thanks in advance.