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    Using custom principal class with JBossWS

    Alexander Hartner Expert

      I would like to use my own Principal class with my own LoginModule. I configured the LoginModule in login-config.xml and annotated by SLSB as follows :

      @WebService(name="JobAPIWeb", portName="...Port", serviceName="JobAPIWebService", targetNamespace="...")
      @EndpointConfig(configName = "Standard WSSecurity Endpoint")
      @SOAPBinding(style = SOAPBinding.Style.DOCUMENT, use = SOAPBinding.Use.LITERAL, parameterStyle = SOAPBinding.ParameterStyle.BARE)
      public class JobAPIWeb implements JobAPIWebRemote {

      Authentication takes place, however when I try to access the principal via


      it presents me with a org.jboss.ws.extensions.security.SimplePrincipal, rather then my own class returned in the LoginModules commit method.

      My search so far led me to ReceiveUsernameOperation in which the UserNameToken is converted to a SimplePrincipal.


      Are there any configuration options which would allow me to access the principal object as it is returned by my LoginModule.

      Thanks in advance.