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    multiple webservices in different virtualhosts

    Stefan Schueffler Newbie


      i have jboss-4.2.2 configured to serve content for two different virtualhosts (in jboss-web/server.xml), www.host-a.com and www.host-b.com .

      Now, i want to deploy a pojo-jaxws based webservice on both of these virtualhosts (each configured to serve only for its particular virtualhost in jboss-web.xml) but it fails with "Endpoint already registered" when deploying the second one.
      Deploying only one of it leads to the correct result for the particular webservice, it is just not possible to deploy both the same time.

      Both endpoints use the same context-root, and the same url-pattern, but different virtual-hosts.
      www.host-a.com/service/MyService -> webservice-a
      www.host-b.com/service/MyService -> webservice-b

      Is this deployment-scenario possible? A related bug report might be JBWS-981, although this is only for EJB-based endpoints instead of pojo-based JSE-Endpoints.


      Stefan Schueffler