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    XML Binding - XMLGregorianDate to xs:dateTime rather than xs

    Antonio Souza Newbie

      I pretty much hope you guys can help me out here.

      I, via xjc, compiled a .XSD into several classes. Automatically xs:dateTime schema types are translated to XMLGregorianCalendar java type. No problem about that.
      I then use some of the generated classes as WS parameters for a service I'm designing. No problem about that either.
      The thing is that when JBoss WS generates the WSDL file from my service, it translates the XMLGregorianDate type to xs:anySimpleType. I checked it out and it seems that it should be the default behavior of JAXB.
      I'd like to know how can I force the translation of XMLGregorianCalendar to xs:dateTime rather than put an annotation @XMLSchemaType in all the properties that are XMLGregorianCalendar types.

      Thanks in advance,

      Antonio Souza.