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    Turn on clientAuth only on the web services

    Poornima Anne Newbie


      I have an issue which I have been trying to solve with JBoss4.0.4-GA but hadn't any success so far.

      I have my web application myapp.war and web services running in the single JBoss instance.
      1)I would like anyone to be able to access the web application myapp.war using url https://myhost:8443/myapp without any client authentication.
      2)But I would like to put the web services on port 8444 and turn on client Authentication on that port so that people with a valid certificate only can access the web services using URL https://myhost:8444/jbossws/.

      I have added connectors for ports 8443 with clientAuth=false and 8444 with clientAuth=true. Can anyone suggest me how to disable jbossws on port 8443 and how to disable myapp on 8444? Any help would be appreciated.