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    I can't create .SAR from eclipse

    Roberto Gutierrez Newbie

      Hello everyone,

      Fist of all, I'm quite new with eclipse and JBoss, and I've tried reading all the information I've found about them before asking you... But I've not succeed in the next problem. If any of you can help me, I'd be deeply thankfull...

      I'm developing a web application with eclipse-JBoss.

      I've created an EJB project with a service.

      My first problem is that I cannot create a ".sar" directly by building the project, and surfing the net I saw a trick... I change the extension ".jar" to ".sar" manually inside the ".ear" produced. I thought this was not so bad as the service seems to work in this way... But I'm sure there should be a way to get directly the file .sar

      The second problem (the main one) is that I can access and use properly all the web pages, BeansClients and ServerBeans if the service is not started. But when I started the service (manually from JBoss), some parts of the project stop working.

      Might the second problem follows the first one? Any help in any of them?