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    How to specify the truststore location for a web service cli

    David Siefert Newbie


      I have the following scenario:

      I am trying to call a Webservice that communicates via a secure socket (in other words, its located at https://hostname/path/to/service?wsdl). When I call the Stateless Session Bean that has the proxy injected via @WebServiceRef, I get an odd UndeclaredThrowable exception. It turns out it is because it cannot communicate with the webservice and is throwing an IOException which was not declared in the remote interface (thus trickling up and causing the UndeclaredThrowable rmi layer exception).

      I created a unit test to try calling the web service outside of the EJB container, and got it working. I had to specify the truststore location with a system property javax.net.ssl.trustStore and javax.net.ssl.trustStorePassword property (which keeps the IOException from being thrown).

      Now comes the tricky part: how do I specify these properties for the JBoss application server? I tried using the SystemProperties service, but it does not work--I still get the same exception.

      Any other idea?