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    JBossWS 3.0.1 Released

    Richard Opalka Master

      I'm happy to announce the release of JBossWS 3.0.1 GA that includes Native 2.0.4 (fully certified JAX-WS web services implementation), Metro 1.0.1 and CXF 1.0.1

      Native runs on jboss-5.0.0.Beta4, jboss-4.2.2 and jboss-4.2.1
      Both Metro and CXF run on jboss-5.0.0.Beta4 and jboss-4.2.2

      JAXWS brings to web services what EJB3 brings to EJB. With its greatly simplified programming model and functional enhancements it is designed to take the place of previous JAX-RPC web service implementations.

      The binaries, including the samples can be obtained here:

      Installation instructions can be found here:

      To get started please have a look at the Quick Start and User Guide:

      If you don't know it already, you'll be surprised how easy it is to do Web Services.

      I'd like to thank the team and many contributors for all the hard work to make this release possible.

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          Richard Opalka Master

          What's new in jbossws-3.0.1-native-2.0.4.GA

          Feature Request

          * [JBWS-925] - Provide initial support for FastInfoset
          * [JBWS-1124] - Scoped class loading domains for WS endpoints
          * [JBWS-1165] - Provide initial support JSON data binding
          * [JBWS-1172] - Support schema validation for incoming/outgoing messages
          * [JBWS-1211] - Add support for @WebFault
          * [JBWS-1296] - Add support for digest + nonces
          * [JBWS-1814] - Dynamic Encryption based on clients input
          * [JBWS-1820] - Using JRE from vendors other than Sun the Remoting key store and trust store algorithms are not propagated
          * [JBWS-1844] - Implement Provider.createW3CEndpointReference()
          * [JBWS-1850] - Documentation support for Java->WSDL
          * [JBWS-1861] - Improve exception message on invalid @WebService usage on SEI
          * [JBWS-1865] - Unify SOAP message trace
          * [JBWS-1886] - Provide basic configuration for WS-enabled user projects
          * [JBWS-1890] - Provide basic project configuration for JBossWS tests
          * [JBWS-1893] - Provide meaningful advanced samples
          * [JBWS-1968] - Documentation support for WSDL->Java
          * [JBWS-1988] - Complete Username Token Profile 1.0
          * [JBWS-1990] - Support for SOAP 1.2 in wsconsume
          * [JBWS-2022] - Provide interface for WSSecurityDispatcher


          * [JBWS-1217] - WSDLtoJava Namespace to package mapping does not support multiple namespaces
          * [JBWS-1763] - Incorrect handling of charsets when the default charset is not UTF-8
          * [JBWS-1857] - JAXBContext created for every wrapper type
          * [JBWS-1878] - ConcurrentModificationException in initHandlerChain()
          * [JBWS-1905] - jaxws-samples-logicalhandler-jaxb.war produces: java.lang.ClassCastException: org.jboss.ws.core.soap.TextImpl
          * [JBWS-1909] - RequestHandler.handlerWSDLResquest has dependency on Servlet API
          * [JBWS-1912] - DispatcherDelegate - Bypass RMIAdaptor when used locally
          * [JBWS-1938] - Assign message name instead of IN and OUT for Inbound/Outbound Addressing Property
          * [JBWS-1941] - Fault handler chain is not called when user application exceptions are thrown
          * [JBWS-1948] - Optional SOAP Header element is required by WSSecurityHandlerServer handler
          * [JBWS-1957] - WS-Eventing extension sends incorrect HTTP content-type
          * [JBWS-1964] - showSubscriptionTable MBean Method - NullPointerException
          * [JBWS-1965] - subscribe method on subscription manager - NullPointerException
          * [JBWS-1966] - No Handler execution for inbound response when using Dispatch
          * [JBWS-1969] - Cannot publish wsdl with imported schema files, using bottom up approach
          * [JBWS-1970] - wsrunclient doesn't work with args
          * [JBWS-1971] - Missing clone on MemoryBufferRecorder
          * [JBWS-1973] - MTOM/XOP attachments not inlined when using JAX-WS handlers
          * [JBWS-1974] - Using signature as security in a webservice throws an error when loglevel not Debug
          * [JBWS-1979] - Endpoint address prop doesn't work with Dispatch
          * [JBWS-1985] - EntityResolver not used when reading web.xml during web serivce deployment
          * [JBWS-2000] - MTOM: Chunked encoding transfer problem
          * [JBWS-2009] - WSDLFilePublisher throws FileNotFoundException when schema files are not in wsdl directory
          * [JBWS-2011] - Signature is invalid error when the message contains \r
          * [JBWS-2018] - JavatoWSDL Package to Namespace mapping does not support multiple packages
          * [JBWS-2019] - WSDL To Java - Case of service-interface and service-endpoint-interface in JAX-RPC mapping does not match generated interface when WSDL type begins with lower case
          * [JBWS-2058] - 'wsa:From' header field is assigned to variable 'replyTo' instead of 'from'


          * [JBWS-515] - Provide an initial implementation for WS-ReliableMessaging
          * [JBWS-1724] - wsconsume cannot use part names that are friendly to .NET
          * [JBWS-1776] - Verify isolated classloading with WSProvide
          * [JBWS-1978] - Evaluate (and remove) JBPM dependency from component info
          * [JBWS-1982] - Simplify deploy/undeploy cycles for different stacks

          The JBossWS Team

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            Ciro Cavani Novice

            Good work JBossWS Team!


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              Peter Johnson Master

              Will JBossAS 5.0.0.GA use JBossWS 3.0.x or will it continue using 2.0.x?

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                Richard Opalka Master


                "PeterJ" wrote:
                Will JBossAS 5.0.0.GA use JBossWS 3.0.x or will it continue using 2.0.x?


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                  Richard Opalka Master


                  "yhrn" wrote:
                  It seems to me that jbossws-context.war in in the jbossws service archive has gone missing in JBossWS 3.0.1-Metro 1.0.1. Or has it been removed on purpose (hope not, because I like it)?

                  It's going be fixed in next release, see http://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/JBWS-2091

                  "yhrn" wrote:
                  Also, JBWS-1714 Verify correct behaviour of @WebService.wsdlLocation does not seem to be fixed as claimed by the release notes. When using @WebService.wsdlLocation on a EJB3 endpoint implementation class to point to a local WSDL file with schema imports with relative schemaLocation paths, the schemaLocation paths are still not replaced by the absolute path.

                  In that case reopen the issue and attach your test case to reproduce your problem easily.

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                    Andrew Dinn Master

                    Hi Richard,

                    I just tried installing jbossws-3.0.1-metro-1.0.1.GA into JBossAS 5.0.0.Beta4 following instructions in docs/Install.txt. I came across the following errors

                    4.) Execute the samples to verify your installation
                    'ant tests'

                    The compile failed to find junit.jar. It appears that the path in build.xml (line 151) specified as

                     <pathelement location="${basedir}/tools/lib/junit.jar"/>

                    should actually be
                     <pathelement location="${basedir}/tools/ant/lib/junit.jar"/>

                    With this patch it compiles ok.

                    After the jbossws.sar is deployed you should be able to
                    access JBossWS underhttp://localhost:8080/jbossws

                    When I insert this URL in my browser I get a 404.

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                      Heiko Braun Master

                      Try 'build.sh tests'. It uses a preconfigured ant distribution that ships with the download

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                        Thomas Diesler Master

                        Folks, this post is an announcement. If you have specific issues, please create individual threads.

                        Issues that apply to the release in general may be posted here

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                          Richard Opalka Master


                          "adinn" wrote:
                          When I insert this URL in my browser I get a 404.

                          What about Metro or CXF there's no JBossWS console at the moment, see