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    JBossWS POJO register as JMS listener

    Nathan Heminger Newbie


      I am having problems implementing a web service POJO that also registers as a JMS listener. I need a web service to recieve updates from a JMS topic and maintain a stateful list of data that is then returned from the webservice when it is called.

      I tried creating a topic connection and registering the web service POJO in the constructor (by doing recv.setMessageListener(this);). However, it does not seem to ever get invoked/registered correctly since it does not recieve messages from my test JMS publisher.

      I have been reading and it seems that also I will have a problem because the POJO implementation means it might create a new instance on every invocation (thus clearing out my stateful java.util.list that I want maintained).

      A better description of what I want to do:
      I need to have java commandline application send JMS messages to the web service that include the IP/port of the server the commandline program is running on. The web service then needs to update a list of IP/ports internally (there will be many commandline programs sending out updates). Then, the web service needs to return a comma-delimited string of the IPs/ports when a method is invoked. However, I need this to run in a clustered/distributed fashion, so I need to have the web services listen on a topic for the IP/port updates, so that I make sure they are all synced up.