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    Specifying a null wsdlLocation on Service constructor

    Borja Ruiz Newbie


      I have an application written in jbossws 1.2.1 wich uses this code to invoke a web service

      QName qname = new QName("http://myapp.com/webservices/impl", "TestService");
      TestService_Service service = new TestService_Service(null, qname);
      TestService stub = (TestService) service.getTestServicePort();
      configureStub(ctx, (javax.xml.ws.BindingProvider)stub);
      return stub.hello("hello world");

      I try to migrate it to jbossws 2.0.3 and get a NullPointerException, because I've specified a null wsdlLocation on TestService_Service constructor. Is there a way of making it work without specifying an wsdlLocation at this point?

      Thanks a lot.