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    Request Message not mapping to Request Object Properly

    tu-vi cung Newbie


      I have generated my wsdl beans with my wsdl file and deployed the jbossws web service onto my application server. When I try to call my web service with my soap message, the request message doesn't translate to the request object correctly.

      For instance, say the request message is accountInfo, and my request object is accountinfo. The accountinfo pojo is created but its variables are all null. This shouldn't be the case as my request message has all the required values filled in.

      Playing around, I got it to populate the pojo properly but the solution is not acceptable.
      This is what i'm expecting: <cli:Name>Henry</cli:Name>

      however, the above won't populate the pojo properly, but the following will:

      I realized that 'name' is the variable name of in AccountInfo, and as long as I use the variable names, it will populate the pojo properly. But the webservice client will be generating their request message based on the wsdl and xsd files because that's what they are expecting to work.

      Is this expected behaviour of jbossws or have I strayed away? Or perhaps there is some flag I have to turn on?