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    @WebFault and @XmlType issues for Exception classes

    Yogesh B Newbie

      Hi Team,

      I have many webservices with operations throwing a common exception (eg., SomeException) across all the services

      I tried to annotate the SomeException class using various approaches but failed to generate the client stubs with a common target namespace different from the targetnamespace of the webservice itself.

      Approach 1:

      Used @XmlType(namespace="common.targetnamespace") in the SomeException class

      Approach 2:

      Used @WebFault(targetNamespace="common.targetnamespace")

      In both the above approaches, the wsconsume generated a separate stub for SomeException class for each webservice in the same targetnamespace of the webservice and not on the specified common.targetnamespace.

      My requirement is to generate a single SomeException client stub in the common.targetnamespace.

      Pls let me know whether this is a bug or suggest some workarounds.