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    Problem in passing/returning objects over dynamic web servic

    java pani Newbie

      Hi Friends,
      I am beginner in java web service.

      Here is the problem I am facing when I pass/return user defined objects to remote web service method using dynamic we service call.

      The client can call the remote web service method in 2 ways.

      1. By generating client stubs using WSDL file
      - In this case, I am able to pass/return the user defined objects to remote method without any issue only when the server side web services are deployed in any server(jboss)
      - But in java 1.6 & above, the web services can be deployed without server using endpoint. In this case, I am not able to pass/return objects over web service calls.

      2. Without generating client stubs (dynamic web service call)
      - This will establish a connection at run time using the given WSDL file (I have attached the document). I have to form an XML(This will contain API name, arguments) string as input at run time
      - In this case, it allows only string as argument while passing & returning.

      Please let me know if you can help me on this.