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    Asynchronous WebService Using JBOSS4.2.2 & Seam

    Naveen Veluri Newbie

      I want to invoke webservice method calls asynchronously through my client (so as not to wait for the response for long time).

      I am using the following bindings file and wsimport ant task to accomplish using an example from online source

      I tried bindings for that particular node (only one web service WSDL or globally for all WSDL's). Below is with globally with all WSDL's. Either way I am out of luck as asynchronous call is not working. Online sources specify using this on Bindings file.

      Please provide any suggestion if you used it with JBOSS4.2.2 with Seam.

      custom.xml after xml version name (global bindings used here)
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>

      wsimprot ant task below.
      binding dir="" includes="custom.xml" (Above file)