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    Peculiar in Jboss 4.2.1

    Lasse Petersen Newbie

      I am working on a webservice for a customer that will deliver
      patient data to a government office. I have received a complete set of schema files (lots of 'include schemaLocation') and a test xml.I have used Altova to verify that the text xml file indeed conforms to the schema files.
      My plan is to store the xml document that is sent to the government office as well as the xml document received in an Oracle database. So I am nacturally interested in marshalling and unmarshalling of Java objects. I have used wsconsume to produce the objects necessary to use and that went allright. I can see that the actual webservice call is done like this:

      Emessage retObj = webservice.report(Emessage);

      where Emessage is the top document for both the request and return object. I can see from the code above that any marshalling/unmarshalling must be done below this call, but sinde I need to store XML documents I would use marshalling to create the string to store and unmarshalling to
      recreate the xml document. My exercise was therefore to do the following using JAXB components inside Jboss-4.2.1

      unmarshal test.xml to xml document
      -> marshal xml document to xml file
      - > compare xml file with original test xml

      using the objects that were created with wsconsume. However, the result of the unmarshal only gives the top document Emessage, and a single child, exactly what is contained in the schema Emessage.xsd,
      that is the top schema file.

      Now if I do the exercise above with the JAXB components in Suns JWSDP 2.0, creating a new set of java objects using xjc, the exercise works well.

      How can I get Jboss to unmarshal an xml document that is described by multiple schemas and where thejava objects are created by wsconsume ?

      Lasse Petersen