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    arguments passed as null into method when invoked from PHP c

    Mani Newbie

      I have my webservice running on the Server version 4.2.1. I am able to access the methods from clients which I had developed using the eclipse plugin and wsconsume. However if I try to access via a PHP client [used SOAP module], I am able to invoke the service but the arguments are passed as null into my login method. I face a similar situation with another tool[Mirth] that uses Java WS libraries. Any pointers will help.
      Here is the PHP snippet :

      require_once '/usr/local/lib/php/SOAP/Client.php';
      $wsdl_url =
      $WSDL = new SOAP_WSDL($wsdl_url);
      $client = $WSDL->getProxy();
      $params = array(
       'arg0' => 'abc',
       'arg1' => 'xyz'
      $resp = $client->login($params);