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    invalid timestamps

    Victor Starenky Newbie

      Using jbossws 3.0.1 native for both server and client.

      Ran into this problem when server and client running on different machines - even slightest difference in time makes the communication impossible due to "invalid timestamp.... message claims to be created before..." exceptions.
      Makes we wonder - slight time differences between machines is a pretty common thing. And looks like jbossws is not usable in this situations? So how do you people use it in production?
      Or am I missing something here (I truly hope that I do!).

      I know 3.0.2 should have support for additional parameters in the config files to deal with this issue. But it's not available yet. Any ETA for 3.0.2 release? How stable/production ready are the current SVN snapshots?
      Also I had a hard time figuring out the exact path of the current native branch. Any help here would be appreciated.

      Meanwhile I see no other solutions but patching 3.0.1 manually. Are there any other solutions/workarounds?
      I've found one thread on this board discussing this issue but no other suggestions other than waiting for 3.0.2 or patching 3.0.1.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!