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    JbossWS array type issues

    Ali Gohar Newbie


      I am having a problem with JBossWS for Array elements in wsdl. I am using JBoss-4.2.2.

      One of my webservices method returns an object (complex type), which contains the array of other objects in it. Here is the snippt from my wsdl

       <xs:complexType name='MyVO'>
       <xs:element maxOccurs='unbounded' name='attr1' type='xs:string'/>
       <xs:element maxOccurs='unbounded' name='attr2' type='tns:MyOtherVO'/>
       <xs:element name='attr3' type='tns:MyOtherVO'/>
       <xs:element maxOccurs='unbounded' name='attr4' type='tns:MyOtherVO2'/>
       <xs:element name='attr5' type='xs:int'/>
       <xs:element name='attr6' type='xs:string'/>
       <xs:element name='attr7' type='xs:string'/>
       <xs:element name='attr8' type='xs:int'/>

      This Object is returned from one of the webservices method and when attr2 and attr4 are null array or empty array, it doesn't return anything back to the soap client. I want it to return empty array.

      Is it possible?