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    RPC WSDL and load balancing problem

    Francesco Benvegna Newbie

      I have a JBoss Cluster with two application server and an Apache with mod_jk as load balancer.
      With web application no problem but with web-services there are...
      my web-services WSDL (style RPC) reports an include on other WSDL URL that include a random identifier. Identifiers change on every deploy and are different from a machine to other.

      PROBLEM with load balancing and wsdl rewrite configured: when a client requests WSDL on host A retrieve WSDL A, with included URL on machine A, but when it tries to retrieve the included WSDL A the request goes on host B, so.... error!

      The problem only happens with JBossWS Native, no problem with JBossWS Metro because there isn't any deploy dependent identifier on generated WSDL.