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    JBossWS Benefits

    john hedden Newbie

      Someone please enlighten me...

      If Ive already got CXF 2.1.1 running in Seam 2.0.1 already deployed on JBoss 4.2.2 then what benefit do I get by installing JBossWS patch? Basically whats the difference between running WS with/without JBossWS patch?

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          Alexandros Karypidis Novice

          I suppose "choice" is one advantage.

          Lots of "non-standardized" web services functionality (for example, WS-ReliableMessaging or WS-Eventing) is accessed via a different API for each of the various stacks (CXF, Metro, etc).

          Rather than coding to a specific Web Services stack, you can use the JBossWS "wrapper APIs". Then you have the option of switching your web services stack among the supported options (Metro, CXF, Native) without having to change your code.