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    Namespace Problem

    Bhushan Shelke Newbie

      I am using Jboss4.2.3 GA with sun jdk 1.5
      I have java class representing a web service. It uses JAX-WS annotations (needless to say :)).

      The "targetnamespace" specified in @Webservice annotation is -

      targetNamespace = "http://abc.com/web/services/MyService".

      I have a method in the class called "doJob" (tagged with necessary annotations to be a valid web method). In the @WebParam annotation for this method I am specifying the another targetNamespace having value -

      targetNamespace = "http://webservice.web.service.com".

      Once this webservice is deployed the corresponding wsdl files shows targetNamespace at root level (definitions node) as "http://abc.com/web/services/MyService" which is expected, however under binding section the same "namespace" is repeated even for the operation "doJob", where as I want it to be "http://webservice.web.service.com"

      I have pasted the relevant section of wsdl below -

      <soap:binding style="rpc" transport="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/http"/>

      <soap:operation soapAction=""/>

      <soap:body use="literal" namespace="http://abc.com/web/services/MyService"/>

      <soap:body use="literal" namespace="http://abc.com/web/services/MyService"/>


      Is this the correct way to do it?.

      Thnx in advance