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    Configuring JBossWS behaviour when deploying EAR file

    Joe Hennessy Newbie


      when I deploy my EAR file to JBOSS, it processes the JAX-WS annotated classes and produces WSDL files.

      So far so good. However JBOSS also produces temporary XSD files (via JavaToXSD) and then proceeds to validate them (via JBossWSEntityResolver). In my case it throws an error here because it cannot handle an embedded complex type. That however is another issue.

      What I would like to know is, can I configure JBoss to stop producing and validation XSD files?

      Alternatively, if I supplied the WSDL files myself, would JBoss not try to produce them.

      I am using JBOSS-WS 2.0 and JBoss Portal 2.6.4

      I have spent the last two days on this problem and would greatly appreciate any pointers here. I cannot find any useful documentation on the EAR deployment process.