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    Consuming a secure web service as standalone app using jboss

    Joshua Stewart Newbie

      I need to consume a third=party web service (that is over SSL and requires WS-Security username/password authentication) from both a standalone app (running outside of an app server environment) and from within a web app (a WAR in JBoss 4.2.1+). Is this possible using JBossWS? I have a completely working WS client built using CXF, but can't get anything to work inside JBoss. I'm willing to get rid of CXF if I can get JBossWS native working both inside and outside of the container.

      I've already done a nice wsconsume and got the required artifacts. I just can't figure out how to setup the WS-Sec stuff, the SSL stuff, or the WAR's classpath to allow this all to work. If I can get all of that working, I can hopefully figure out the standalone stuff using just a ton of the JBossWS JARs in a really huge classpath.

      Any help is greatly appreciated.

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          Viacheslav Garmash Newbie

          I would like to see some examples here too. I guess that we can use "wsrunclient" from command line like described here: wsrunclient

          I tried it but it has some weird issues with classpath setup. Even though they declare that option "[-classpath <additional class path>]" in reality it doesn't support multiple values in it. In my case I needed to add root folder where my classes are and path to the jar with compiled web service client. So I assume that nobody from JBoss team is really using this tool. Mabe they can share some examples here?