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    How to pass a web service client *.class (not jar) to wsrunc

    Peter Steiner Newbie

      I created a JBoss web service client and all the *.class files are located in a sub-directory


      where D:\mywork\test\aaa\bbb\ccc\mymain.class is the class with the main() procedure
      and all classes are part of the package aaa.bbb.ccc

      So alltogether there is NO *.jar file for the client.

      How can I pass mymain.class to wsrunclient and let it run?

      D:\mywork\test>D:\JBoss\bin\wsrunclient.bat aaa\bbb\ccc\mymain

      does not work because of the error: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: mymain

      How else can I call the client?