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    Chicken vs. Egg problem: Specifying URL for WSDL: file or ht

    Peter Steiner Newbie

      Assume I have a WSDL file onn C:\myproj\test\mytest.wsdl and generate all the necessary web service stuff from it with wsconsume.

      Then one of the generated files contains a reference to the original WSDL file similar to:

      public class myService extends Service {
      private final static URL CMPXWSSERVICE_WSDL_LOCATION;
      static {
      URL url = null;
      try {
      url = new URL("file:/C:/myproj/test/mytest.wsdl");
      } catch (MalformedURLException e) {
      e.printStackTrace(); }

      Later, when I deploy this web service the main, one-and-only WSDL is visible on the server through the address

      Should I replace now the "file:/...." reference by the later "http:...." address in the source code and re-compile and re-deploy it again?

      How else can I make the wsdl file address more independent from origin?