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    Replacing the logic that returns the corrospoding WS java ob

    Yaniv Newbie


      I am new to JbossWS, I have to say that I very much relate to the message posted at :
      I really feel frustrated. all the given documentation is unstructured properly. and many assumptions are made on the reader without specifying prior knowledge requirements.

      Anyhow, What I'd like to achieve is to be able to have the WS layer instantiate beans that reside on a remote server in order to invoke the required java methods
      I am wondering if there is a class or an interface that I can replace to implement only the logic that returns the required java object to preform the WS opertation. I will implement that class such that is will return remote bean proxy objects.

      I hope I made my question clear.

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          Alessio Soldano Master

          No, your question is not that clear, look at the documentation and samples and see what webservices and jbossws are about and allow you to do.
          Regarding the documentation, I can't say the documentation at http://jbossws.jboss.org/mediawiki/index.php?title=JBossWS is perfect, consumable by everybody outside there having no knwoledge at all (of course, the topic is quite complex), however did you really spend some time reading it carefully before saying it's not usable? Did you see there's even a guided tour? Did you look at the samples in the src/bin distribution?
          What are the assumptions you refer to?

          If something is not clear after reading the docs / trying the samples, you can post specific questions, providing the required details here on the forum and perhaps somebody will think your question is interesting and will be happy to help you. Otherwise there's customer support.

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            Yaniv Newbie

            Thanks for the response.

            I will try to rephrase the question. basically I have two Jboss servers. one is used as a frontend which receives all the calls from a web browser client. ( http requests and web service calls) the second server is used as a backend to do some business logic and mainly runs EJB components.

            in the current landscape environment the second server is located behind a firewall so that it cannot receive http requests or web service calls. (both are HTTP). the frontend server is used for that purpose.

            The web service stack is responsible for the translation web service calls into methods calls to the required objects. what I would like to achieve is that the method calls to the required objects will be done on a remote object located on the backend server I previously described. the same way it is being achieved today on our old axis implementation.

            In the current web service engine we have we are using AXIS 1.4 which is old but is quite modular. it allowed us to replace the module which is responsible for retrieving the required objects to execute the web method call. what we actually did is that we simply made a lookup from the frontend server to the remote backend and received a proxy object. the proxy object is then used by axis to make the required method calls. so basically what happens is that the frontend server receives the web service call, it then receives a proxy objects which executes the calls on the remote backend server.

            Please let me know if you need some further descriptions.

            Regarding the documentation, I took a long look at the documentation including the guided tour( more than a work day) the assumptions that I mentioned were regarding the prior knowledge needed in order to understand the documentation. Even though I understand web services and have experience with implementing and consuming them. I don't understand much of the information provided to a useful degree.

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