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    Wrong minOccurs in wsdl generated by Jboss

    Himadri Das Newbie

      I hope this is the righht forum

      Am using JBOSS 4.3.0 with WebService. WSDL is autogenerated by JBOSS.

      Issue in wsdl is with minOccurs in WSDL. Even method arguments are optional(minOcuurs="0")
      For E. G My Method Signature is "getJobByName(String aJobName)" , generated wsdl has aJobName optional.
      For some other methods its mandatory , which I dont understand how as there is hardly any difference .

       <xs:complexType name="getJobByName">
       <xs:element minOccurs="0" name="aJobName" type="xs:string"/>

      Also , for some complex type (model object) , some fields are optional , others mandatory like Model (JobBean) which has name , type , version
      Here Name and type will be generated as optional and version as mandatory. How can I fix it ?