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    Enabling HTTP Basic Authentication for EJB3 web service

    Jose Antonio Newbie

      Hello, I have some EJB3 web services in a jar and I want to use HTTP Basic Authentication + HTTPS to access them. I've looked at the documentation and I've found ways to do it by using custom JBoss annotations like @SecurityDomain and @WebContext, but as I want my application to be portable, I wouldn't like to bind my code to JBoss libraries so I'd like to configure it through an external descriptor. In the documentation it's only described how to do it for wars using the web.xml and jboss-web.xml but I can't find anything about how to do it for EJB3 jars.
      Where can I find documentation about the custom jboss deployment descriptors for EJB3? What are the elements that I have to use to enable HTTPS and Basic Authentication for my EJB web services? Is it possible to do it without custom JBoss annotations?